Conference Program

Link to program pdf

Day 0

Monday, Feb. 6, 2023

Arrival. Dinner in Restaurant Misk, Salmiya at 20h


Day 1

Tuesday Feb. 7, 2023

Registration from 8h30 in GUST W6-200.

9h00 Welcome address by President Prof. Bassam Alameddine

Introduction by Thorsten Botz-Bornstein


Session I:  9h30-11h30

Chair: Thorsten Botz-Bornstein

(Keynote) William Franke: Unsaying Wokeism, or the Role of Self-Critique in Judging Others

Michael Brosch: ‘Woke-Culture’ and ‘Moral Encroachment’ – Philosophical Analysis behind the Question: Can Empirical Statements be ‘Morally Bad’? (online)

Jibril Latif: Can we Laugh about It? ‘Based’ Heroes Survive Cancellation Using Comedy and Alternative Mediascapes to Speak for a Repressed Majority  


Coffee break (11h30-12h)


Session II: 12h00-14h00

Chair: Jibril Latif

(Keynote) Carol Burke: The Anti-woke Movement in America

Ismail Lala: Wokeism and Spiritual Legalism. Ibn ‘Arabi’s Law for the Individual 

Angela Gonzalez Echeverry: Tracking Wokeism. The Case of Batallon Ayacucho, Manizales-Colombia


LUNCH (14h00)


Session III: 15h00-16h30

Chair: Thorsten Botz-Bornstein

(Keynote) Hans Georg Moeller: Wokeism. A Global Civil Religion in the “Age of Profilicity?”

Alejandro Carpio: Wokeism and Catharism. On Religions that Might Have Existed (online)


16h30: Take bus to Tareq Rajab Art Museum in Jabriya

Visit Kuwait Towers

Dinner in Souk Mubarakiya


Day 2

Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2023


Session IV: 9h30-11h30

Chair: Shahd Al Shammari

(Keynote) Lisa Blaydes: Pandemic Politics in the Arab Gulf States. Elite Rhetoric and Public Attitudes toward Foreign Migration in Kuwait and Qatar

(Keynote) Nesma ElSakaan: Political Correctness and Wokeism in Complex Arab Context(s)


Coffee break (11h30)


Session V: 12h00-13h30:

Chair: Ildiko Kaposi

E. Enise Yakar: The Concept of Wokeism in Islamic Legal Philosophy

(Keynote) Zoltan Somhegyi: Curing and Caring Through Art. Memory and Memorials in Times of Changing Interpretations of the Contested Past


LUNCH (13h30)


Session VI: 14h30-16h00:

Chair: Mauricio Duarte

Tommaso Ostillio: Wokeism and Democracy. A Terrible Mix.

(Keynote) Ignacio López-Calvo: The Afterlives of Wokeness and the Limits of Epistemic Colonialism


End of conference